Coming Up, On First Hill

Luma groundbreaking was officially celebrated on November 3.

Earlier this month, we announced the groundbreaking for LUMA (photo above), the 24-story condominium tower at 1321 Seneca Street. This is the first condo high-rise to be built on First Hill since 1982. While this news alone is momentous, it seems we’ve since heard a windfall of exciting coming-ups for this vibrant neighborhood.

One of the biggest announcements came from Whole Foods, who recently released plans for their ninth store in the region at the corner of Broadway and Madison. Just two blocks from LUMA and right along the soon-to-be First Hill Streetcar line, this is fantastic news for organic, local food lovers — on First Hill and beyond. And with the recent arrival in Seattle of one of the streetcars, it looks like riders will begin using this First Hill line in early 2015. Six cars total are set to serve the line, which travels down Broadway toward Seattle University then heads toward the International District and Pioneer Square.

And last but not least — though the stately Sorrento Hotel is certainly not new to the neighborhood, this iconic building is planning a “hip pike/pine-style makeover” to commence early next year. Even First Hill’s Town Hall will undergo a major restoration in preparation for it’s 100th anniversary in 2016. Undoubtedly, it’s an exciting time for First Hill!