Luma Sales Begin June 1


Given strong buyer interest in purchasing at Luma, we will begin accepting offers on June 1 using a Priority Unit Selection Agreement. The Agreement allows buyers to identify their preferred home(s) and offer price, based on Luma established pricing. Purchasing a home in this priority selection process ensures the best home pricing and the widest selection of finish and color palettes.

For additional information on our sales process, homes or upgrade pricing, please stop by the Luma Sales Center or contact the sales team directly at, or (206) 749-5862. If you haven’t been to the Luma Sales Center yet, you can preview the different immersive experiences offered at the Center on the Luma website. Visit our website to watch a series of videos that showcase both the Luma iPad app and the immersive Oculus experience.

We have already started receiving sealed envelopes containing offers and all offers must be received by 6 pm on June 1. If you are interested in purchasing in the initial release of homes at Luma, click here for details and next steps!